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  • How might I start using BC-STVYesNo?
    1. Use the "Automated Translator", if appropriate.
    2. In the "Links", choose a link.
  • The information is not displayed properly. Many "?" symbols appear.
    • If you are using the "Automated Translator", try using the "View page in its original Language" link.
    • Make sure that you have installed and are using the appropriate language / encoding in the user agent or browser software.

      For example, for some browser software (for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5):

      1. Click on "View".
      2. Click on "Encoding".
      3. Choose a language / encoding that is appropriate for the page which you are viewing.
  • The information is not displayed. My computer could not open the file, even after I downloaded and saved the file.
  • I see some information in my language. However, the information is for a place or country that is very far from me. Can I still use the information?
    • Some of that information perhaps might be correct for your situation. However, parts of that information perhaps might be incorrect or inappropriate for your region or situation.
    • If appropriate, ask an appropriate group or person.
  • What is BC-STVYesNo?

    The BC-STVYesNo World Wide Web site

    • is multilingual
    • helps you to access
      • information about BC-STV
    • is of interest to
      • immigrants
      • refugees
      • English as a Second Language or ESL students
      • bilingual counselors
      • teachers
      • professionals, staff, volunteers, relatives, friends, and others helping with settlement and integration
  • How can I get newcomer's guides and information for immigrants and refugees for free?

Automated Translator


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