Greetings! Welcome to the Equinet Broadcasting Network!
To start learning how to use the Internet:
  1. Look nearby for a "mouse" (it's a small plastic box with push-buttons). Turn it, so the buttons are on top of the far end of the mouse. If there's no mouse: [ Look at or near the typing keys ("keyboard"). Look for a little ball ("trackball"), a little stick, or a little rectangle ("pad"). If none of those or similar devices are there, skip to ##### ].
  2. Push the mouse forward [ or roll the trackball; or push the top of the stick forward; or slide on the pad ].
  3. Here on the screen, a "pointer" (arrow, hand, 'I', or hourglass) picture should move. If there's no pointer, skip to #####.
  4. Move the tip of the pointer onto this word: graphical.
  5. Don't move the pointer, as you tap the (left) button on the mouse [ or on the keyboard ]. If nothing happens, tap that button twice-with-no-pause. If nothing happens, read #####.
  6. #####: At the typing keys, tap the space-bar or down-arrow key. If nothing happens, type: DOWN ; tap the Enter or Return key.

  1. Look at this word: non-graphical. If you don't see a number beside that word, skip to the next step now.
    Look at the typing keys ("keyboard") nearby. Type only the number you see beside that word. Don't type any brackets beside the number. Then tap the Enter or Return key.
  2. Look at the typing keys ("keyboard") nearby.
  3. Find the arrow keys: up, down, left, right.
  4. Tap the down and up arrow keys till this word, non-graphical, is "highlighted".
  5. Tap the Enter or Return or right arrow key.


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